Age groups

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Duckling and Dolphins- 3 months - 2 years


The Ducklings room caters for children from the age of three months until they are walking steadily, around the age of fifteen months. The unit has its own changing area and small rubberised garden, which is covered so that it can be used all year round. The staff ratio is 1:3.

During the day the staff will stimulate the babies and encourage them onto their next stage of development by using a wide range of sensory activies , activity centres and appropriate toys. For the more active children there will be sand and water play, painting activities, climbing frame, home corner and outdoor play. The children will also be introduced to books, songs and nursery rhymes.
It is important that staff build up a close relationship with the babies and their parents, to enable us to care for your child as you would want to yourself. Staff are always available to discuss your baby’s day, changes to routine and any problems that you might have. There is also a Baby garden that can be accessed from the ducklings room , this is covered so the children can go out in all weathers and is quieter and calmer than the large nursery garden.


Staff are kind and attentive to children so that strong bonds are formed and children settle quickly. As a result, children flourish and they are gaining the necessary skills needed for the next stage in their learning. ( Ofsted 2015)

The Dolphins room are aged from twelve months to two years, and have a ratio of 1:3. They have a large variety of equipment and play opportunities.
The dolphins enjoy story time, rhyme time and music sessions. These are usually group activities that help to build up concentration, language and confidence and are great fun.
Sand and water play is also great fun and this group get a tremendous amount of pleasure from this. They continue to develop their creative skills with paint, crayons and junk modelling – Picasso had to start somewhere – be prepared to admire your child’s masterpieces.


Toddlers learn to develop their concentration and follow instruction as they join in a group activity with musical instruments. Early toddlers, develop their problem-solving skills and physical dexterity as they fit shapes into a posting box (ofsted 2015)

Otters- 2 years-3 years



The Otters are aged from 2 to 3 years and are staffed on a ratio of 1:4. They have a wide variety of activities and equipment to play with.

In this group the children are building on their knowledge of colour, shape and number, as well as developing their pencil control. They are also learning how to play together and cooperate with each other.
In order to encourage imaginative play outside, we provide den making equipment, props for picnics, garage and fire station play. The children love to access the water and grow their own vegetables. The children access activate fun sessions on Tuesdays which promote their physical development.


Staff interactions and the quality of teaching is good as they extend children's learning indoors and outside. (ofsted 2015)

Heading 1

Swans Preschool 

The Swans use the pre-school room; they are catered for on a 1:8 ratio, to encourage their independence

Children are individually supported to gain confidence and respect for themselves and others. Both individually and in groups, the children are encouraged to extend their vocabulary, using a variety of methods – stories, songs and rhymes. It is equally important that they learn to listen to others, instructions etc.

The children will become familiar with maths as staff provide a variety of counting, sorting, matching and sequencing activities. As their mathematical understanding develops, they will use this knowledge to solve problems.

In order to encourage healthy active lifestyles, we have a company called activate FUN who come to the nursery once a week, to do a fitness session with the children. There are opportunities for imaginative play individually or in a group.

The children also like to take part in music sessions – both with movement and the musical instruments.

staff are skilled at supporting children's learning across the seven areas of learning. Regular monitoring by the managers means that the progress of individual children and groups is accurately tracked. Unique strategies and interventions are quickly put in place to best meet children's individual needs. (ofsted 2015)