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Bridging the generation gap

Across the miles

Charity work

In August 2018, we set up a partnership with Parr Nursing home, in Sthelens.  Every 2 weeks Pre-school visit the residents of the care home. Whilst on our visits we play games with the residents, make crafts and build relationships with them. We believe this is important for the children as they learn about the differences between generations and about the world. It’s also great for the residents as they look forward to the children coming to visit and even bring the older people out of themselves, making them more interested and generally happier.

We have a penpal based in the Isle of Wight.Every month they send us a letter with details of what they have been up to and anything they want to share. We then read the letter to the children and write our own letter back to them. This teaches the children about different communities and different people.

We also collect sweets, biscuits and tea/coffee, this is for our Local Dementia cafe “Loving Arms Dementia group"

We do regular fundraising for our chosen charity ' Healing little hearts'