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In the community- Cultural Capital

Bridging the generation gap

In August 2018, we set up a partnership with Parr Nursing home, in St.Helens.  Before the pandemic, Pre-school would visit the residents of the care home. Whilst on our visits we would play games with the residents, make crafts and build relationships with them. We believe this is important for the children as they learn about the differences between generations and about the world. Unfortunately because of COVID-19 we are unable to do this. We have been sending letters and pictures instead to the residents and hope to be allowed to visit soon.


Library Trips

Out and about

Since September 2021, our pre-school have been visiting the library. We have our own library card and when we go we choose our books and bring them back to nursery. The children love having the independence to choose their books and enjoy reading them with staff and other children.


We regularly take the children out for walks. The children enjoy going to the park, the duck pond, pet shop and Tesco.  All of the age-groups get this opportunity to see our community and experience new things outside of nursery. All staff are first aid trained and we always overstaff when we take the children out for walks.

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