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Otters 2-3 years

The Otters are aged from 2 to 3 years and are staffed on a ratio of 1:5. They have a wide variety of activities and equipment to play with.

In this group the children are building on their knowledge of colour, shape and number, as well as developing their pencil control. They are also learning how to play together and cooperate with each other.
In order to encourage imaginative play outside, we provide den making equipment, props for picnics, garage and fire station play. The children love to access the water and grow their own vegetables. The children access activate fun sessions on Tuesdays which promote their physical development.

"Children begin to gain an awareness of the world beyond their own. For example, younger children giggle as they try to pick playdough up using chopsticks. Older children visit local care homes to participate in shared activities with elderly residents. Children have formed relationships with children who attend a nursery in a different part of the country and they enjoy sharing news and photographs with their friends." Ofsted 2019

Are you entitled to 2 year funding ? You could get 15 hours funded childcare the term after your child turns 2. Visit the childcare choices website for more information.

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