Our daughter who is now 10 attended from 6 months old right up until reception and now baby 2 is doing exactly the same. Wouldn’t trust them going anywhere else!

This is such a lovely setting and I’m so glad I chose General Day Nursery -

Being a shy child, it was obviously going to be hard for my child to settle anywhere, but the staff at General Day Nursery are so kind, patient and caring that we felt welcomed immediately. All staff seem to know all of the children’s names and go out of their way to say hello or goodbye to each child when being picked up or dropped off.

When changing rooms, the staff make the transition as easy as possible for each child, tailoring the visits to suit them and they work with the children and parents to ensure they are comfortable and not distressed by the situation.

Food is varied and my child eats all kinds of things at nursery, even things I wouldn’t make at home!

Activities are always based around what the children enjoy and are interested in. Staff take the time to learn about each child and what they like/dislike and use this to engage them in their learning.

Lisa and team, I cannot thank you enough for providing a safe, happy place for my precious little ones.

My little boy has been attending General Day Nursery for almost a year now & we are all absolutely delighted we chose them to look after our most precious boy!

General Day Nursery have never been phased by the challenges of my son's cardiac condition and he has flourished under their care , both developmentally and with confidence. The staff nurture the children as if they were their own and although my son's condition is serious, I feel incredibly safe leaving him in their care. The nursery is also incredibly accommodating to your requirements.

I would not hesitate in recommending General Day to any parent looking for a nursery.

I have had 3 children in this nursery all from young my eldest is in school now my middle and youngest still here they go above and beyond for the kids in this nursery I have 2 with special needs they have always been amazing the girls are fab and lisa is doing a amazing job as manager you deserve that title love to you all thanks again