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Parents and families 

At General day nursery , we value our parents and families. Lots of our parents say General day nursery is like no other nursery , as we are always on hand to help. We offer a listening ear , if parents need to talk and often hold coffee mornings so that parents can get to know each other. We will always try to help people in need. 

Stay and plays/parents evenings
We offer lots of stay and plays and 2 parents evenings a year. This is a chance for our parents to get to know the staff and ask them any questions about your child, their development and any concerns

Nursery food bank
we offer bags with  food cupboard items in our porch, that parents can take home when in need. We also offer frozen nursery meals for the parents to purchase for a small donation.

Settling in sessions
 We understand how hard it must be as a parent to leave your child at nursery whilst you go to work, because of this of this we allow as many settling in sessions as needed and parents are encouraged to ring us throughout the day(if they want to) for a little update about their child. 

Nursery Library
When each child starts at General day nursery they get their own bag and library card. This means that each child can take a book home to read with their parents. They can then bring the book back in and swap it for another. This supports our parent partnerships and enables parents to be a part in their children's learning. Its vital that children hear lots of language in the early years as this will broaden their vocabulary and support them when making relationships later on in life.

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