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Our Curriculum

A Curriculum is simply what we want children to learn.


Through our years of experience and drawing upon research, we know that children’s potential for learning is maximised when they are deeply and completely engaged in play. We work closely with parents to ensure that we regularly update them on what their children have been learning in nursery and their next stages of development, we also gather any interests or if the parent has any concerns around the child’s development.

The EYFS is a play-based curriculum which is designed to ensure that children learn through play and to help guide practitioners observe, plan and assess children’s stages of development. We use children’s interests and stages of development to plan exciting, stimulating, and purposeful activities and experiences for the individual child.

In September 2021, using the revised EYFS we built our own Curriculum alongside the development matters guidance. Our Curriculum has the child in the centre, as the child is the centre of everything we do. We then have the seven areas of learning that are part of the Early Years Statutory Framework. We have then split the areas of learning into our own Aspects which includes what we want children to learn in each area of learning when they are babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers.

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